AROMA OILS FOR PROSPEROUS FUTURE:: There are many reasons for the problems in our life. Those depend upon the mind level, negative vibration, evil eye, block magic, jealousy and untidy environment. To remove all these negativities Aroma oils are the best thing. These aroma oils are extracted from Trees, leaves, flowers, roots,& cereals. We can use this oils to rectify our daily problems.

Life & Money Improvement: For prosperous life, over coming obstacle, for finance improvement and career success this oil will be very effective.

life & money improvement

Positive Energy: To improve your mind level, personality, more attractive, development your active, create good positive energy in your Home, Office, industries, work place & business center..

positive energy

PROTECTION :To remove negativities in house and office, for jealousy, evil eye and other ill effects. Also it brings peace, harmony & prosperous life.

JOB OPPORTUNITY:The society will give response to the person depends upon the economical condition & career success. To get success in employment exams, to get promotion in jobs, Good relationship with colleges, to achieve the highest range in career.

SUPERIER: Amazing smells of this oils mixed with other combination oils too deeply can work harmoniously with the specific problems.

ZEN SUPER POWER OIL : Divine powerful of this oil every house, shop, office, factory various obstacles, including the areas in which the solution is to increase the power of the divine & universe power.


Education:  This will improve the memory & concentration power, good studies, opportuinities and great sucessful education.



1. LIFE & MONEY IMPROVEMENT OIL Rs.150/- ( 12 m.l. )
2. POSITIVE ENERGY OIL Rs.150/- ( 12 m.l. )
3. PROTECTION OIL Rs.150/- ( 12 m.l. )
4. HARMONY OIL Rs.150/- ( 12 m.l. )
5. EDUCATION OIL Rs.150/- ( 12 m.l. )
6. JOB OPPERTUNITY OIL Rs.150/- ( 12 m.l. )
7. SUPERIER OIL Rs.200/- ( 12 m.l. )
8. ZEN SUPER POWER OIL Rs.200/- ( 12 m.l. )

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