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Ernest Lecher, the German scientist ( 1856-1926) invented an instrument to know about the Geopathic radiation. Like a transistor radio, this instrument also have many different frequencies which are connected to the cosmic power.

Because of the improvement in science we developed very much with the uses of some precious things (Internet, Mobile, Digital technology etc., ) . But we are suffering from many problems like illhealth, mentaldisturbances, business problems, family problems, property problems, court cases, economical problems &without any development in life. The basic reasons for these problems are due to our living place, mind level &environment. To cure this we can remove the negativities with some frequencies in Lecher antenna & we can alsoimprove the positive energy level.

MIND LEVEL: Unwanted thoughts, confusion, lack of self- confidence, fear,anxiety, sorrow, shock, and evilness, vengeance, command able characters, negative thoughts, make ourhealth& development getting spoiled. If we remove the block in seven adhara chakras of our body with someimportant frequencies in Lecher antenna then our mind will be clear. So, that our mind& body level will be effective.

LIVING PLACE & ENVIRONMENT: Due to suffocation, untidiness, unwanted, broken electrical & other items & geopathic stress, our body & Life development may be affected. Evil eye, thrishti, block magic, entities, make us going down & giving break in our routine life. To avoid the thanthrics, witch people, you can do yourself the rectification of problems with Lecher antenna without spending huge amount.

TIME FACTOR: According to Horoscope, due to the planet position, there may be problems in body, mind level, quarrels, fights, obstacles. To get rid of these we can choose the correct remedy with antenna, like going to the particular temples, checking the correct gem stones, to identify the karma problems, donating dress, food & doing correct homas. Even we can strengthen our name in numerology & pronology with lecher antenna.

BODY LEVEL: For acute pain, fatigue, cold, immunisation, hip cramp like all diseases can be cured with some important frequencies in Lecher antenna. For chronic problems we can give treatment for two months to six months. We can give teletherapy to the people who are far away from us. When we strengthen the aadhara chakras of children, the power of the brain will be increased. So, they will become very intelligent.

  • Lecher antenna helps to choose the exact Medicine for the patient to give speedy recovery in Allopathy, Homoeopathy, Siddha, Ayurveda, Unani, London Bach Flower Medicine & Herbal Medicines.

  • To get better results in Reiki, Pranic Healing, Magnified Healing etc., can be treated with Lecher antenna.

  • For Acupuncture there are some frequencies in antenna related with the meridians. With this frequencies we can treat the patient without needling & by teletherapy also.

  • Vasthu Practitioners cannot get good result in the Plots or Houses, when they are checking the area without identifing the negative radiation. With Lecher antenna they can check the cosmic, telluric energy, Block magic, entities & also they can choose the correct remedy.

  • For astrologers they can analyse the power and weakness of the planets, karmas with antenna & they can choose the correct remedies.

  • For the share market people they can ask about the profit & loss predictions of the shares with Lecher antenna & then they can decide the purchase of the shares.

  • The Numerologists & Pronologists can check the names whether it is suitable with their date of birth & to check the power of the name to advice the clients.

  • Water diviners can identify the undercurrent water level with Lecher antenna.

  • The quality controllers of factories can check the quality of the raw materials & power percentage of the material with Lecher antenna.

  • We can check the materials for the building if they are perfect or not and the geopathic strength of the earth with Lecher antenna.


  • To remove the difference of opinion in the families.

  • To remove the block magic, karmas, entities & negative energies.

  • To take the correct decision without mind confusion.

  • To give teletherapy for the people who are far away.

  • When we check the aadhara chakras & giving energy to them we can develop ourselves in our life.

For Two days training programme ( Tamil ) - Please contact 9444889162

PRICE INR Rs. 2800/-OR (US $ 60.00)

Some valuable experiences of practitioners with our product LECHER ANTENNA

Mr. Maria Stanislus, REIKI GRAND MASTER & Alternative therapist, Plot No.51B, Back of T.N.E.B., Krishna Nagar, Manapakkam, Chennai. - 600 11 Date:15-02-2006

I treated a prolonged throat tumour within ten days for about 60% with lecher antenna and also bring back harmony in some families with lecher antenna.

Dr. B.Janarthanan, 2533,Sreyas, 18Th main 80 Feet Road, Kumaraswamy Layout 2nd Stage, Bangalore 560078. Date:30-01-2007

I healed my wife’s severe ear pain within 15 mins. with lecher antenna. I gave teletherapy to my daughter’s cold & fever. I made vasthu corrections to my son’s house in USA with lecher antenna from my house in Bangalore.

Mr. Venkatraman, Aalternative therapist 52, Ist Main, 6th Block, BEL Layout, Vidyanarayanapura, Bangalore-560 097. Date:30-03-2006

Mr. Anupam sringeri, one of my patient hospitalised for vomiting & can’t take even diluted food. Doctors can’t dentify the cause. With lecher antenna I scanned that his liver is in problem and I energised the liver with antenna. Then he is okay within nine days.

Mr. Kamath, canara bank of Bangalore had hip pain & slanting posture of walking. I scanned & treated with lecher antenna for the growth of the cell & also detect that there is imbalance of carbon in his body. I gave him good results with pasting a charcoal carbon in his bed room. I checked the vastu of one retired officer in Jaya nagar. Under round water channel radiation intersect the lay lines like X . I controlled it by directional elements which is selected by lecher antenna.

Mr. M. Venkatesan, Electrical Contractor, Social Servicer O.No.15, New No.31/1, Rajaji Street, Radha Nagar,Chrompet, Chennai – 600 044. Date:21-03-2006

I gave bio-feed distance healing to my mother’s ill health with the photo. Within one hour she was

Dr. V. Suresh, Pranic & Acupunturiest 4/33A, Ambedkar Street, M.K.B. Nagar, Ambattur, Chennai-600 053. Date:16-11-2008

My client D. R. Jayagowri was not in good terms with her parents for several years. With Lecher antenaa treatment they have good relationship between them. Within a week treatment, they helped her with forty thousand rupees.

My another client Mr. S. C. Manohar. Advocate had severe body pain and arterial block in legs. I found out the causes for his problems with antenna & treated him. Now his pain & block reduced considerably. Mr. Manohar’s daughter had severe head ache. There was no result in Allopathy treatment. I treated with lecher antenna & cured her severe chronic headache.

Dr. Charles Nicholas Keniel Reiki Grand Master No.4, 7th Street, Kumaran Nagar, Pondycherry-605 008. Date:07-01-2009

Thanks to Dr. M. G. Annadurai & A. keasav to brought this lower cost real worth lecher antenna to reach all level people. I have healed many people’s diseases, their environment & their life is now harmonious.

Dr. Vinodha Cumarie, Reiki Grand Masterr No.4, 7th Street, Kumaran Nagar, Pondycherry-605 008. Date:07-01-2009

It is an innovative instrument for healers & Building correction people.The lecher antenna plays a very important role in detecting & harmonising. I healed an acupuncture doctor’s severe stomach pain in three sitting with lecher antenna. It is an important case for me.

Dr. Pon. Govindarajalu, Reiki Grand Master, 77, Ayyanar Kovil Street, Kurainad, Mayiladuthurai -609 002. Date: 18-08-2009

Daily I used to check the four corners of my house with 17.6 frequency in Antenna, 12.0 frequency for cosmic power, 8.0 frequency for earth energy. There was geopathic stress & blocks in my house. I checked in antenna with many symbols & colours for remedy. Lecher antenna advised me to keep pyramids below the ground level. Remarkably one single man in eighty days white washed my house and changed the house as a new one. Normally it will need twenty people to clean the house. I really wondered about the miracle of antenna. Antenna will give precaution alarms in our life if we use it regularly. My relative girl who is mentally retarded had gone out from her house. In the family no one took any steps to search. But without informing them I used to check with antenna and detected the exact place. During travel I check with antenna and complete the travel successfully without any delay. In nights snake came to the kitchen, pooja room & bath room. With 13.0 frequency, I removed the block energy to avoid snakes. Dr. M.G. Annadurai & his son A. Keasav are bringing a great revolution in Alternative treatment method.

S. Veeramani. & V. Bhuvaneswari, MANAKK HINDI VIDYALAYA, 11, Village Street, Tiruvottiyur. Chennai – 19. Date-27-06-2009.

My mother had chest pain often and is suffering a lot. I have cured her chest pain many times with Lecher antenna. My Computer Printer got repaired for the past four days. I got an idea to solve the problem with Lecher Antenna. I fixed 17.6 frequency in antenna with saying “Remove the problem” for five minutes. After that when the Technician came and operate, the printer is okay.

P. Velmurugan, D.No.12, Bhagathsingh Nagar, Kulamangalam Road, Sellur, Madurai-625 003. Date: 26-06-2009

To find the negative energies & vasthu defects I am using traditional method & Pendulum Dowsing. Now I am using lecher antenna. With this method, I am identifying the earth energy level (8.0) accurately. Combined the traditional method with Lecher Antenna I am giving vasthu remedies in many companies & houses successfully.

P. G. Rajendran, No.7, Round Road, Dindigul-624003. Date: 10-07-2009

I experienced with Lecher Antenna using in Vasthu & Flower therapy through your Pendulum Dowsing & Teletherapy book. We can check the percentage of positive energy in every room. I earned about Rs.10,000/- per month by using Lecher antenna & Flower therapy by reading your books.


I used to treat people who can’t be cured by any other medicine. Usually, they are affected with Block magic & something. I used to cure the people with lecher antenna. I used power symbols to seven chakras with shaking antenna front & back. I cured them within five days with the integrated therapy. Due to the Pithru Karma in their family, the children were affected by paralysis & Polio. For this I‘ll ask the antenna for remedies & ask the people to go to some particular temples. There is a Mari Amman temple in Mundoor near Palghat. For the past three years
female children between six to eighteen had been killed in that place. This matter affected the temple & the environment. With the guidance of lecher antenna I did some remedies: Now daily poojas & Homas are going on in the temple regularly. I gave treatment to Ms. Luzy Thomas in Pulicherry, for disc down & for burning sensation in two legs. I used Lecher antenna combined with Reiki, Magneto therapy, Homoeopathy & Siddha for speedy recovery. Mr. Narayanan Kutty, (Age 44), has four sisters. One sister is deaf & dumb. Three sisters did not get married yet. I treated him with lecher antenna. Now he is getting improved. One presist has been affected By an accident. With lecher antenna I removed the blocks in kidney & Gall bladder. Now he is alright.

Mr. Gnanasekaran, Mayiladuthurai

I am running a shop for three years, but the income went downwards. I took a decision to close the shop. After Mayavaram Jayam energized the shop with Lecher Antenna, now it is going on steadily.

Kamala devi sampath, Mayiladuthurai

We had search for an alliance to my brother’s daughter for the past two years. We can’t get any suitable one. Mrs. Jayalakshmi came to my house to check vasthu with lecher antenna and gave energy to my house. Astonishingly the fifteenth day we got a good alliance and on 21-6-2009 she got married.

Uma rani,. M., W/o. Mr. Barathi dasan, Agraharam, Mela Manganallur.

I had severe ankle pain for about three years. I took allopathic treatment. Pain relieved at the time being. But it reoccurs. When I have to stand or walk for a long time the pain will be more. My husband’s friend Mr. K Ramdass gave treatment with lecher antenna for five days. I stopped my tablets. I didn’t follow the treatment. After that, because of heavy strain I had my pain again slightly. I took three days energy treatment this time. Now for about one month I didn’t take any treatment. I have no pain now itself.


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