This divine herbal powder made out of nine herbs can be used by burning it with lobam in equal ratio. Put this mixture on the red-hot burntout carbon or charcoal ( you can also fire coconut-shells on gas stove and collect them in a tray in half-burnt condition). The smoke that comes out should be used between 5.30 to 6.00 pm in such a way to occupy, first the main entrance and then the other rooms of the house. The left-over ash can be kept aside in the North-East direction of the house and thrown out in the next morning. All the bad and evil effects caused by witchcraft and evil spirits are wiped out.

Those who are in persistant troubles can use this daily. Others can use this on Tuesday and Saturday to avoid forth-coming ill-effects. INR Rs. 80/-OR (US $ 2)


Some people are suffering by  diseases and mental stress even though they are rich.  Some others can’t get improvement  in their life.

        The reasons for these defects are

* living place ( Vaasthu, unwanted things, negative electronic rays ),

* Environment (evil eye, jealousy,  envy ), 

* Mind level ( inferiority complex,  fear, cowardness,  loneliness, sorrow, without confidence, absent mind, confusion ). 

                To solve the problems we have an integrated  treatment method and rectifications

1. Herbals  of siddhas,
2. London Bach Flower Medicine,
3. Feng Shui,
4. Aromaoils,
5. German Energy Treatment,
6. Meditation,
7. Healing Magnets,
8. Goodluck Pyramids,
9. Wonder Crystals & Gems.   

By these methods we can get clear mind, healthy body, salvations & improvement in your life.

For Further Details Contact 91-09444889162  or  E-mail- keasav@gmail.com

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